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Single men and family law

It is a slowly growing trend across the nation, including New Jersey, for single men to adopt children. Most attorneys who have experience in family law know that it is more common for married couples to adopt, but it is not unheard of for an unmarried person to adopt as well. One teacher has chosen to adopt a ten-year-old boy who had previously been bounced between multiple foster homes.

When the teacher first met the boy he would eventually adopt, he noted the extensive issues the boy seemed to have. He was overweight, doing poorly in school, had a bad habit of pulling out his own hair, overly anxious and was resistant to any kind of affection. At one point, the foster father was so unsure of how to handle the child that he called the agency.

Former officer struggles to receive workers' compensation

Sustaining injuries at work is not an uncommon occurrence. Many residents of New Jersey, as well as other states, are receiving workers' compensation benefits as a result of these injuries. Sometimes these injuries occur slowly over several years, like carpal tunnel, but others can occur within seconds. The latter may be more likely to happen to a person with a high-risk job, like a police officer.

One former police officer struggled for years to receive benefits to help pay for his medical expenses, which are the result of injuries he sustained in the line of duty. The officer was shot four times at point-blank range in Jan. 2015. He was shot by a man whom he had pulled over for a suspected DWI.

Personal injury claims may follow 2-car crash in New Jersey

New Jersey motorists who were traveling in the vicinity of Sparta Township on a recent Tuesday morning might have experienced delays. This followed a two-vehicle crash with personal injury that occurred in the early morning and caused road closures for over three hours. The Sparta police report indicates that the collision happened at approximately 7 a.m.

An accident reconstruction team is investigating the crash, but a preliminary report was issued. Reportedly, a man and his female passenger were eastbound on a local roadway when the driver failed to remain in his lane as he rounded a curve in the road. He allegedly crossed the center line and crashed head-on into a westbound car.

Family law: Why do marriages end in divorce?

The high number of divorces in New Jersey and elsewhere is an indication that it takes a lot of hard work for two different individuals to combine their lives and become one. Regardless of how in love they were before they got married, differences will become evident sooner or later. Psychotherapists and other family law authorities say it is the manner in which couples deal with those differences that determine whether their marriages will stand the test of time.

Reportedly, there are some reasons for divorce that are more frequently cited than others. Infidelity is a primary cause of failing marriages, and in today's world, it is not only physical but also emotional affairs conducted on social media that cause marital rifts. Money problems are also the cause of many divorces, and this can even include situations in which the woman in the partnership climbs the corporate ladder faster than her husband.

Marital descriptions that may hint toward future divorce

Are you one of many in New Jersey who tend to seek scientific verification of any type of hypothesis or conjecture before you will believe it? Let's take marriage, for instance; if you were to learn that there is a new, scientific study that reveals how to divorce-proof your marriage, would you stop what you were doing to access the nearest copy? Scientific proof is useful concerning research and debate; however, even the most thorough study can't full-proof a marriage.

Your marital relationship is not exactly the same as any other couple's. Sure, there may be similarities in spousal personalities or shared experiences that may help you relate to another person's situation. All in all, every marital union is unique and, therefore, so is every divorce. Some who work in industries related to marriage counseling, divorce and life-coaching believe there are certain characteristics that may mean you're headed for divorce. It happens. The trick is to get through it with the least amount of stress possible.

Workers' compensation: Brain injuries possible in any occupation

Every member of the New Jersey workforce could be a potential victim of traumatic brain injury. Whether a person works on an oil rig, in an office or on a construction site, a fall could cause head trauma, which may result in TBI. Workplace accidents that frequently lead to workers' compensation claims for brain injuries include machinery and equipment accidents, truck or other vehicle accidents, toxic substance exposure, slip-and-fall accidents, and being struck by falling objects.

Authorities say one in five work-related TBIs result from falls on the same level, meaning falls from slips on wet or slippery floor surfaces or trips over randomly placed objects. Reportedly, falls are now the primary cause of brain injuries, replacing motor vehicle accidents as number one on the list. It is suspected that the increase in the number of people who remain in the workforce past retirement age may play a role in these statistics.

Estate planning options to provide for children

Although many New Jersey people may avoid thinking about death, the reality is that it cannot be escaped, and the welfare of surviving loved ones may need some careful consideration. This is especially true if there are small children involved. Estate planning offers different options in which to leave inheritances to children, and each option has its own pros and cons.

A restricted account is one choice that is most suitable for unsubstantial amounts. A restricted account can hold the child's inheritance until he or she reaches adulthood. There are two types, one of which will give the child full access to the money at age 18 or 21 -- depending on state laws, and the other type restricts the funds for the sole use of a college education. However, the child will not have access to that account if he or she decides against post-secondary education.

A cyclist accident doesn't have to flatten your financial tires

Whether as a preferred means of transportation, or even as a hobby, many individuals choose to travel from place to place via bicycle. While cycling may have its benefits, such as avoiding traffic or providing a fun form of exercise, there may also be some level of risk involved, especially near traffic.

Perhaps you have been in a bicycle-vehicle collision, with a limited amount of protection available, accidents of this nature have a higher chance of ending in disaster. If the driver of the vehicle is at fault, you might wish to pursue compensation, potentially leaving you to wonder how to proceed.

Family law: What is the effect of alimony on tax returns?

Divorced individuals in New Jersey may have questions about the spousal support (also known as alimony) they are ordered to pay. Confusion often arises between child support and alimony when it comes to taxes. Family law determines whether a payment qualifies as spousal support, and income tax laws determine whether it is deductible.

Any payment to a former spouse or partner that qualifies as alimony may be deducted when tax returns are submitted because the person receiving those finds will have to report it as income and pay taxes on it. This applies to spousal support or separate maintenance payments, regardless of whether the money is paid to an ex-spouse or a third party for that spouse. Conversely, child support is not regarded as income for the parent receiving it, and because no tax is paid on it, the parent paying that support cannot deduct it.

Fighting for the help you need when medical care goes wrong

When you submit to the care of a doctor when you are ill or injured, you do so with the expectation that you will receive quality care, a proper diagnosis and the right treatment. Most doctors do their due diligence and provide care that allows a patient to get better, but there are times that doctors make mistakes, leading to the suffering of innocent individuals.

If you believe that you are the victim of a mistake made by a New Jersey doctor, misdiagnosis or other type of preventable error, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. Financial compensation cannot reverse what happened to you, but it can help you deal with your financial losses, as well as compensate you for your pain and suffering.

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