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Single men and family law

It is a slowly growing trend across the nation, including New Jersey, for single men to adopt children. Most attorneys who have experience in family law know that it is more common for married couples to adopt, but it is not unheard of for an unmarried person to adopt as well. One teacher has chosen to adopt a ten-year-old boy who had previously been bounced between multiple foster homes.

Family law: Why do marriages end in divorce?

The high number of divorces in New Jersey and elsewhere is an indication that it takes a lot of hard work for two different individuals to combine their lives and become one. Regardless of how in love they were before they got married, differences will become evident sooner or later. Psychotherapists and other family law authorities say it is the manner in which couples deal with those differences that determine whether their marriages will stand the test of time.

Marital descriptions that may hint toward future divorce

Are you one of many in New Jersey who tend to seek scientific verification of any type of hypothesis or conjecture before you will believe it? Let's take marriage, for instance; if you were to learn that there is a new, scientific study that reveals how to divorce-proof your marriage, would you stop what you were doing to access the nearest copy? Scientific proof is useful concerning research and debate; however, even the most thorough study can't full-proof a marriage.

Family law: What is the effect of alimony on tax returns?

Divorced individuals in New Jersey may have questions about the spousal support (also known as alimony) they are ordered to pay. Confusion often arises between child support and alimony when it comes to taxes. Family law determines whether a payment qualifies as spousal support, and income tax laws determine whether it is deductible.

Family law - is an uncontested divorce as easy as it sounds?

When a New Jersey couple decides to put an end to their marriage, they will have two options. Family law allows couples to file uncontested or contested divorces. More and more people choose to avoid litigation and instead try to negotiate their own settlement agreements.

Family law: Staying together for the kids may not benefit them

There will likely always be parents in New Jersey and other states whose relationships with each other have deteriorated entirely, but they choose to remain together for the sake of the children. They might be unaware of recent international studies that confirm the findings of a 2012 American family law study. The consensus is that most children are not damaged by the divorce but rather by living in households where animosity is ever-present. In certain circumstances, children are better off after their parent's divorce.

Family law: Is jewelry regarded as marital property?

When it comes to divorce laws, New Jersey is an equitable distribution state in which the marital property is divided fairly -- though not necessarily equally. Assets brought into the marriage by each spouse will typically remain his or her property. Family law also determines that any gifts or inheritances received during the marriage by one spouse from third parties will continue to be the receiver's property as long as it is not commingled with marital property. If for example, a portion of one spouse's inheritance is used to renovate the family home, it becomes marital property absent a written agreement to the contrary.

Could mediation be right for you?

For some people facing the prospect of divorce, they are concerned that it will be a hellish experience that they want to get through as quickly as possible.  They fear that the divorce will consume them (i.e. financially and emotionally), they may believe that they will be ruined after the process is over.

Don't Let Your Credit Score Be A Casualty Of Your Divorce

Divorce can be an emotional and financial whirlwhind. While you're paying legal fees and dividing assets and establishing custody and support guidelines for your children, one thing that may not be at the front of your mind is your credit score. But your credit can take a hit during a divorce, just like the rest of your finances. Here are some ways you can protect your credit as you work to move into the next phase of life.

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