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Former officer struggles to receive workers' compensation

Sustaining injuries at work is not an uncommon occurrence. Many residents of New Jersey, as well as other states, are receiving workers' compensation benefits as a result of these injuries. Sometimes these injuries occur slowly over several years, like carpal tunnel, but others can occur within seconds. The latter may be more likely to happen to a person with a high-risk job, like a police officer.

Workers' compensation: Brain injuries possible in any occupation

Every member of the New Jersey workforce could be a potential victim of traumatic brain injury. Whether a person works on an oil rig, in an office or on a construction site, a fall could cause head trauma, which may result in TBI. Workplace accidents that frequently lead to workers' compensation claims for brain injuries include machinery and equipment accidents, truck or other vehicle accidents, toxic substance exposure, slip-and-fall accidents, and being struck by falling objects.

Fall victim may claim workers' compensation benefits

One of the biggest threats faced by construction workers in New Jersey is fall accidents. Many of the jobs done in this industry involve working at heights, and falls are reported to be the cause of a significant percentage of workers' compensation claims filed by construction workers. The prevalence of these accidents indicates the low level of compliance by employers with federal and state safety regulations.

Distribution center injuries? Workers' compensation will help

New Jersey workers who earn their incomes from working in distribution centers face many safety hazards. Although they may find comfort in knowing that they will be entitled to workers' compensation benefits if they should suffer on-the-job injuries, that is something most workers would rather not wish to happen. Safety authorities say good housekeeping can help prevent workplace accidents.

Workers' compensation covers heat-related illnesses

When the weather service recently predicted a heat wave to occur in some parts of New Jersey, employers were once again reminded that incidents of heat stroke are emergencies and that precautions must be taken to protect employees. Every summer, employees who suffered heat-related illnesses rely on the workers' compensation insurance program to cover medical bills and lost wages. This time, three days of excessive heat with temperatures going up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit was predicted.

Flash fire leads to workers' compensation and 3rd-party claims

When an employee in New Jersey suffers serious occupational injuries or dies in a workplace accident, financial relief is available. Injured workers or surviving family members of those who lost their lives are entitled to claim benefits from the workers' compensation insurance program. However, if there is evidence of gross negligence by the employer or defective equipment, third party claims may be filed.

Is filing a workers' compensation claim always necessary?

Were you injured at work? Are you wondering if it's necessary to file a workers' compensation claim? Each injury is unique, even if your injury seems minor; you should consider filing a workers' compensation claim.

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