Minor Charges Can Have Major Consequences

Being charged with a crime can be a difficult experience, especially if you've never been through it before. No one wants to be in this situation, so it's understandable if your initial reaction is to do whatever you need to do to make it go away quickly. But this approach can backfire. Many municipal court tickets are actually criminal charges.

For example, if you get a speeding ticket and decide to pay it, you are not only pleading guilty to the charge, you are also putting points on your driver's license. When these points accumulate, they can result in higher insurance rates or a costly license suspension. They can also increase the penalties for a later problem.

At Gruccio, Pepper, De Santo & Ruth P.A., our experienced attorneys can provide the committed representation you need at the municipal court level, guiding you through the legal system to arrive at the most favorable possible outcome. Call our Vineland office at 877-760-1031 to learn more.

Talk To Us About Your Charges

A criminal charge doesn't have to equal a criminal conviction. When you work with our knowledgeable legal team, we will thoroughly examine your case, creating the best possible defense strategy. If we can't get your charges dismissed, we will work to get the charges reduced to protect you from the harshest consequences you may be facing.

Whether you're facing fines or license revocation for a DUI or a traffic violation, our attorneys are prepared to build a strong defense to help you move on with your life.

Take Charge Of Your Situation

You don't have to feel overwhelmed by criminal charges. We know the legal system and will work hard to protect your rights. Need legal help? In New Jersey, call the attorneys at Gruccio, Pepper, De Santo & Ruth P.A. at 877-760-1031 or email us.

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