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Personal injury claims possible after 3-car crash

New Jersey officers recently responded to an accident involving three vehicles. As most people are aware, multiple car accidents can often lead to serious personal injury or death. Fortunately, none were killed in this accident. However, authorities are asking any witnesses to the crash to contact them to aid in the ongoing investigation. 

Two of the cars crashed into one another in the left-hand lane on Route 33 on the evening of March 13th. Not long after the first collision, a third car crashed into the rear of the two stopped vehicles. Fortunately, the drivers of the first two cars had already exited their vehicles before the second crash occurred. They were not injured further when the third car collided with the first two.

Steps in estate planning

For some New Jersey residents, creating a will or estate plan can be difficult. They might be unsure of where to start or what questions to ask. Some might even believe that because they do not have an excess of wealth that estate planning is unnecessary. However, that is not the case. Without a plan, the family of the deceased might spend months or even years in court sorting out their loved one's affairs and assets. 

It may be helpful for some people to first take stock of what they already have. Have they already created a will, and if they have not, then why haven't they? A will can help to specify who is to care for any minor children as well as how assets, including money received from insurance settlements or the family home, is to be divided. For those with pets, an estate plan can also help the family to determine what will happen to the animal after the owner's death. 

Family law allows father and son to keep siblings together

It can sometimes be difficult for siblings who are up for adoption or who are in the foster care system to remain together, as many New Jersey residents may know. This is especially true for families with a large number of siblings. A father and his son recently decided to seek help from a family law attorney in an effort to keep a group of nine siblings together. 

The son, a full-time college student, first learned about these children through a Facebook post. This post originally gave details about eight siblings that were in need of a home. The children ranged in age from a few months to 14 years. At the time, the young man did not think that he and his wife would be able to financially support the children. However, he and his wife reconsidered after receiving a call from the man's parents.

Woman suffers fatal personal injury after being struck by a car

Most people do not consider the possibility of being involved in a car accident when they are pulling out of their driveway. However, a serious accident can happen anywhere. Residential areas, in particular, provide a wealth of obstacles not typically seen on busy roadways, like pedestrians or animals. In fact, New Jersey authorities recently responded to an accident in a residential area where one woman suffered a fatal personal injury.

The accident occurred on the morning of Feb. 21 when a driver pulling out of a driveway struck a pedestrian. Unfortunately, the pedestrian was struck not once, but twice. The first impact knocked the woman over, and the driver pulled the vehicle forward again. Soon after the first impact, the car rolled back again and struck the victim a second time.

Dealing with chemical hazards on the job

Injuries due to toxic chemicals can be either acute or chronic. In an acute injury, you experience the effects right away such as in a chemical spill. In a chronic injury, it could take a significant amount of time before you exhibit any symptoms of exposure such as in exposure to asbestos.

If you work around chemicals on a daily basis, you may already be aware of just how dangerous some of them can be to you. Even though your employer may take certain precautions in an attempt to limit your exposure or injury as a result of certain chemicals, accidents can still happen.

Family law: Film stars Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane to divorce

There are many reasons that couples give when they decide to divorce. Celebrity marriages, in particular, are notorious for ending in dramatic fashion. However, some New Jersey residents and others who are not familiar with family law might be surprised to find that many marriages, including a number of celebrity marriages, end for what seems to be no specific reason. 

After 14 years of marriage, actress Rebecca Gayheart, has filed for divorce from her husband, actor Eric Dane. The pair stated that there were irreconcilable differences behind the cause of their divorce. The couple has chosen not to share any specific differences or problems in their marriage, but the two have had their share of hardships in the last 14 years. Some of these hardships include the release of a personal video, a stint in rehab and depression. 

Husband suffers fatal personal injury in carjacking

For many, a carjacking is just a distant idea, a plot device in a movie or something that happens to others. However, for some New Jersey mall patrons, it was a very real and terrifying possibility. One woman has chosen to file a lawsuit against the mall itself, claiming that the administration could have prevented the fatal personal injury that her husband suffered. 

The carjacking that resulted in the man's death occurred in Dec. 2013, and unfortunately, the carjacking was not a one-time occurrence. This lawsuit has revealed that there were four previous carjackings in the mall parking lot. Because of these previous crimes, the widow and her attorney have asserted that the mall owners should have been aware of the problem and acted accordingly.

Estate planning tips

Preparing for one's death can be a daunting task. Many New Jersey residents may not know where or how to start the estate planning process. Beginning the process early can give the benefactor time to ensure that everything is properly planned and that all of the instructions that he or she wishes to leave are conveyed clearly. 

If a person is incapacitated and does not have an estate plan in place, that person's family members may have to appeal to the courts in order to obtain permission to make legal and health care decisions for him or him, or the courts might appoint a third party to make these decisions. In order to prevent this, individuals may appoint powers of attorney. A person who has been given health care power of attorney can make decisions regarding the benefactor's medical care, and he or she can help to ensure that the benefactor's wishes are carried out as they are described in a living will or advanced directive. Normal powers of attorney may also make health care decisions if needed, but they can also make financial decisions on the benefactor's behalf. 

Cancer and workers' compensation

At some point in their lives, many children across the nation, including New Jersey, will express a desire to be a firefighter. It isn't until several years later that they realize just how dangerous the job is. One state is considering a bill that will include certain cancer diagnoses in firefighters' workers' compensation claims. If it is passed, it could possibly pave the way for similar bills to be passed in other states. 

While out on the job, firefighters come into contact with a wide variety of harmful substances. Some of these things include burning plastic, burning insulation, carbon monoxide or hydrogen cyanide, to name a few. Their gear is designed specifically to limit exposure to these substances, but as of now, it is impossible to eliminate contact entirely. Work continues to be done in an effort to further improve the existing gear and better protect the firefighters who use it.

Husband and wife each suffer a fatal personal injury in crash

When traveling on roadways many drivers fail to consider the possibility of equipment failure. A tire blowout, for instance, can have catastrophic results not just for the occupants of that vehicle, but also for anyone else nearby. A New Jersey husband and wife each suffered a fatal personal injury in a crash caused by a blown tire.

While traveling eastbound on Route 80 a dump truck's tire had a blowout. The driver was unable to maintain control of the vehicle, and it veered across the median into opposing traffic. Before it overturned, the dump truck struck the victims' pickup truck as well as a box truck.

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