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Benefits of estate planning

Many people die every day without a written will. Every state, including New Jersey, has some rules in place for those who die without an estate plan. Some pass assets immediately to a surviving spouse or the next living relative, and others divide the assets between certain parties. However, there are many more specific scenarios that are not covered by the default estate planning rules and regulations in each state. 

Families with minor children could benefit greatly from creating an estate plan. A will can help to ensure that the friends and family members of the deceased know who the child or children's appointed guardian will be. This might be a surviving family member or a spouse who is not biologically related to the children. 

Female passenger suffers fatal personal injury in crash

Some drivers may believe that accidents involving a single vehicle are less severe than those involving multiple vehicles. However, a single vehicle crash can be just as deadly as a crash involving two or more vehicles. Recently, in New Jersey, a young woman suffered a fatal personal injury in a single-car crash where she was riding as a passenger. 

The accident occurred in the very early hours of the morning. The driver of the car was attempting to exit the highway when he veered off course and into the grass along the left side of the ramp. After running off of the road, the car struck several trees before coming to a stop. 

Overseas adoptions and family law

In New Jersey and across the country, adoption is a way for many people to complete their families. Sometimes these families seek to accomplish this goal by arranging an international adoption. However, adopting outside of the United States can be a long and difficult process, and many families consult with family law attorneys to help them.

One couple recently became the first U.S. family to adopt a child from Nigeria. The couple decided after having their son that they wished to have more children through adoption. They discovered that the adoption process in Africa had a mandatory 12-month waiting period, but they soon discovered that sometimes the adoption process can take even longer. 

Marijuana complicates workers' compensation case

Marijuana use, as many residents of New Jersey are already aware, is a contested topic in many states. Some states have approved marijuana for recreational use, and others have only approved it for medical purposes. There are even some states that still have yet to approve the use of marijuana for any reason. Unfortunately, one widow is currently battling with insurance companies over her late husband's workers' compensation payments because of this substance.

The man died last December while working as a lift mechanic at a ski resort in Colorado. He was caught underneath a conveyor belt, resulting in serious chest injuries that later caused his death. Several months later, the man's widow received notice that she would receive $800 per month in workers' compensation payments, which is roughly half of what she had expected to receive. 

Recovering from a traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury can have many causes. A violent car or motorcycle accident, a sports injury, an accident at work, or a fall to the ground after slipping can all result in a blow to the head that leads to a debilitating injury. In many cases, the symptoms of a concussion fade with time, but new research shows that even a mild concussion may have lifelong effects. Therefore, it makes sense that a traumatic brain injury would require intense and extensive treatment.

If your loved one suffered a head injury due to someone else's negligence, you want him or her to receive the best care for the most successful rehabilitation possible. This may involve years of various treatments and therapies, perhaps for the rest of your loved one's life. The last thing you want to do is to put a price tag on your loved one's recovery and well-being, so it may benefit you to seek advice about the options available for affording the necessary medical care.

1 killed, 1 suffers personal injury in New Jersey car crash

The possibility of being involved in a car accident is constantly in the back of nearly every driver's mind. Most make an effort to drive carefully in order to avoid being involved in a crash and suffering a personal injury or worse. However, there are times when the smallest mistake can cause a devastating chain reaction. New Jersey authorities responded to an accident on Route 42 that resulted in the injury of a 26-year-old man and the death of his 24-year-old girlfriend. 

As he was driving on Route 42 in Camden with his girlfriend on the afternoon of July 11, the man struck the side of a sedan with his car. He then rear-ended a tractor-trailer. Unfortunately, the smaller vehicle became stuck underneath the tractor-trailer. 

Family law sees more prenuptial agreements among millennials

Marriage is slowly changing as the years progress. One major difference that many New Jersey residents may have noticed is that couples are getting married later in life. A few years ago, couples were getting married in their early 20s, or even their late teens in some cases, but now, couples, especially millennials, are getting married in their 30s. As a result of these later marriages, many family law attorneys are seeing more prenuptial agreements.

Many states divide assets as fairly as possible after a divorce, but there are some states that simply divide the assets down the middle and award equal amounts to both former spouses. Couples who wish to protect any assets that they may have had before the marriage could benefit from signing a prenuptial agreement. This might include previously owned properties, businesses or even financial accounts. A prenuptial agreement may also be used to protect any children that one of the spouses might have had in a previous marriage or relationship. 

How an attorney can help with a workers' compensation claim

Work-related injuries can cause many problems for employees and their families in New Jersey. Victims of these injuries may find themselves in a situation where it is necessary for them to enlist the aid of an attorney and file a workers' compensation claim. After an injury at work, it can sometimes take a long time to receive any reimbursements for medical expenses or lost wages, if they are received at all. 

A lack of communication can cause significant problems for those involved in work-related injury cases. Adjusters have a large number of different cases to manage at one time. These cases may vary in their difficulty and the time it takes to process certain claims may also take significantly more time. As a result of these and other issues, adjusters may not have time to contact the injured workers or their employers as often as needed.

School bus crash causes several to suffer from a personal injury

Parents of 25 children in New Jersey were likely horrified to learn that the bus carrying their children had been involved in a car accident. This crash caused several individuals to suffer from a personal injury. Unfortunately, this is not the only accident involving a school bus. Other accidents involving buses have caused many people to become increasingly concerned with current school bus safety and the competence of bus drivers. 

The bus, which was sponsored by a Korean community church, was returning from a field trip when the accident occurred. There were eight adults on board in addition to the 25 children. The accident was caused by an SUV rear-ending the bus. 

What do you need to return to work after a work accident?

After a work accident, a New Jersey worker may feel overwhelmed by his or her physical and financial needs. The intent of workers' compensation insurance is to meet the needs of injured workers and provide the financial support they need for recovery.

If you are an injured worker, part of the benefits to which you may have a rightful claim include rehabilitation benefits. This means you can get specific help needed to help you reenter the workforce after an extended time away. It is beneficial for you to be aware of all of your rights, including the right to claim what you need through your workers' compensation claim to get better and move forward.

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