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Is your workers' comp insurer refusing to pay out?

You, like most other New Jersey residents, are a hard-working individual. While on the job, you received an injury. Following protocol, you filed a claim with your workers' comp provider and sought treatment for your injury. You saw no reason as to why they wouldn't come through, but then you received word that they will not pay your claim. Now what?

When injured on the job, you expect your workers' compensation benefits to kick in. That is what they are there for, right? Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees, and you may find yourself having to fend for yourself. You may not have to, though. A denied claim is not the end of the road.

Family adopts twins to help dying mother

Families adopt children for many different reasons. A family in New Jersey might choose to adopt because they are unable to have their own children, while another family across the nation might adopt simply because they want to expand their family. No matter the reason, a family law attorney can help families to greet their newest additions as quickly as possible. One family chose to adopt after losing one of their own children to illness as well as to help a dying mother pregnant with twins.

The parents adopting the twins had adopted before. They decided to adopt for the first time due to difficulties that the mother had with the delivery of her first child. She had nearly died from a type of preeclampsia called HELLP syndrome. Afterward, the parents decided to adopt their second daughter. Soon after the adoption was finalized, they discovered that the wife was pregnant with what would be their third child. 

Crash results in personal injury and charges filed

A single, careless mistake on the road can greatly affect other drivers. Mistakes made on busy roadways or intersections can be especially dangerous. The chance of sustaining a severe personal injury in these situations can be incredibly high if the accident occurs at a time of day when there are more cars on the road. Authorities in New Jersey responded to a call earlier this month that resulted in two people being transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

Early on the morning of May 9, police responded to a crash involving three vehicles. When they arrived, the authorities saw one vehicle with damage to the front and another with damage to the rear. They also discovered that two of the people involved were severely injured. Both were hospitalized after the accident. 

When family law becomes hostile

Movies have a way of sensationalizing any event, both good and bad. Some New Jersey residents may have seen a movie where divorcing individuals struggle to find "dirt" on one another in order to gain the upper hand. However, it can cause a wide variety of problems people choose to use these methods in real family law cases. In one case a federal lawsuit was filed against local police after they helped a husband find information on his wife during their divorce. 

The husband supposedly had close personal ties to members of the police department, including attorneys who were employed by the department. At one point during the divorce, his wife reported a disputed charge on her credit card to the police which, to her surprise, resulted in her own arrest. The charges were eventually dismissed, but not before the damage was done. 

Tips to remember in the estate planning process

Planning for the future is more than just planning for major events in a person's life. It is also about planning for what happens after a person's death. Estate planning, for many New Jersey residents, may appear to be a daunting task. Some overwhelmed individuals may try to rush through the process or ignore it entirely. Unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes that, in the long run, may have disastrous results. 

Too often, individuals die without first writing a basic will, which could result in family members undergoing long and expensive court proceedings in order to prove their relationship with the deceased. Others may neglect to include a plan for if they are incapacitated and unable to make financial or health care decisions. This can result in a stranger being appointed to make these decisions, or it could cause family members to argue over what needs to be done. There are also those who believe that their 'do it yourself' solution will be sufficient. Improperly written or executed wills can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. 

Widow fights for late husband's workers' compensation benefits

It is likely that New Jersey residents know of at least one person who has been injured in some way while working. More often than not, these injuries are the result of years of repeated actions, but sometimes, workers are injured or even killed as the result of a traumatic incident. Those who were injured while working are often able to collect on their workers' compensation claims with minimal trouble, but sometimes, victims and their families have more trouble collecting these benefits. 

A widow recently appealed a denied claim regarding her late husband's workers' compensation insurance benefits. Her husband, a construction worker, had been killed by a vehicle while he was working away from home. His workers' compensation benefits extended to include injuries and or a fatality that occurred while working away from home.

Do you need to get ready for child custody hearings?

Because of the inability to get along with your spouse, you may have come to the decision to end your marriage. You likely thought long and hard about making this choice, but in the end, it seemed like the best option for everyone involved, including the kids. Of course, now you may worry that the legal proceedings will prove difficult due to the likelihood for conflict.

In particular, you may have worries about coming to child custody terms. While many parents may have the ability to come to an agreement on their own that seems satisfactory for everyone, you may already know that the chance of this happening with your spouse remains low. As a result, you may end up in child custody hearings.

Estate planning for families with special needs children

Parents of special needs children are often accustomed to planning for future events. Some of these might include planning school schedules and events or family vacations and outings, but not all people know how to plan for their children's care after their deaths. Estate planning can be confusing, as many New Jersey residents may already be aware, and even more so when there are special circumstances involved. There are, however, several tips that can help parents to plan for their children's future care. 

Naming an individual to act as the child's guardian is one of many steps that can be taken to ensure that he or she is taken care of. However, the guardian may still have a number of questions, even if he or she knows the child. A letter of intent can help to answer many of those questions regarding the child's everyday care. The letter might include information on schedules, routines, doctor and medication information, as well as any personal information or wishes that the parent wishes the guardian to be aware of. 

Ex-boxer suffers fatal personal injury in construction accident

Former athletes retain some level of fame after their retirement. Champions, in particular, hold a special place in many people's hearts and memories, and their injuries or deaths have the ability to greatly impact their fans. If the former athlete's death is not natural, then it may gain additional attention from more than former fans. It may have shocked many boxing fans to learn that a former heavyweight champion suffered a fatal personal injury at a construction sight in New Jersey.

The former champion, David Bey, was struck with falling piece of metal while working on a mixed-use real estate development project. This piece of metal was a piece of sheet steel being used in the construction of an elevator. An inspection done by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration revealed that the steel sheets were being lifted using the improper equipment when the metal fell. 

How family law can affect debt

As many New Jersey residents may already know, making the decision to end a marriage can be very difficult. Family law can be a great source of stress, and it can also be emotionally draining for all of the people involved. Even though separating couples may have a general idea of how the divorce is supposed to proceed, some of them are still taken by surprise when they begin dividing the debts as well as the assets. 

Some may believe that all debt is divided between the divorcing spouses regardless of whose name the debt is under. However, in New Jersey, as well as most other states, that is not the case. Typically, debt is only divided if the account in question is a joint account under both spouses' names. For example, many credit companies will allow the spouses to divide the balance of a joint credit card into two separate accounts assuming that both have good credit individually.

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