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What Type of Injuries Qualify for Workers' Compensation?

Severe catastrophic injuries at work are not the only claims to be made in Worker's Compensation.  Many employees suffer smaller injuries that put them out of work, require medical treatment, and result in a permanent impairment of a body part. In these cases, workers' compensation is also there to help.

In general, workers' comp covers every type of work-related injury. This could range from a sprained ankle due to a fall, a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome due to long-term office work, or lung cancer due to long-term chemical exposure.  The range is wide -- even seemingly minor injuries can leave you unable to work, which then can leave you unable to pay your bills.

Could mediation be right for you?

Feel worried about having an intense, legal throwdown in a New Jersey courtroom? Luckily, your divorce does not have to go that way. Both mediation and arbitration provide effective alternatives to drawn-out legal disputes and can help you and your soon-to-be ex reach an agreeable divorce settlement more quickly than other methods.

Although sometimes used interchangeably in popular media, mediation and arbitration are not the same process. In mediation, a third-party mediator facilitates the dispute resolution process for you and your ex. He or she will help you work together to reach an agreement that you find mutually acceptable, although you may still choose to have an attorney on your side.

Personal injury: Head-on collision sends 4 victims to hospital

A recent head-on collision sent four people to the hospital and killed three others. New Jersey police are still investigating the accident, and while they are not certain what factors ultimately caused the wreck, they do say that one of the vehicles left its lane. These types of wrecks often lead to serious physical and emotional injuries, so the victims may choose to pursue personal injury claims, which is a useful tool for those who need to seek compensation. 

The wreck happened shortly before 9 p.m. when a 74-year-old driver who was heading north suddenly veered across the center line of traffic. As her vehicle moved into the southbound lane, an oncoming car with four occupants was unable to avoid the wrong-way vehicle, and they collided head-on. The driver who apparently caused the wreck and her three passengers all died while still at the scene of the accident. 

Family law: What to do about support when you share joint custody

New Jersey parents who choose joint child custody arrangements usually do so because it is in their children's best interests. However, this raises serious questions about child support. When both parents spend roughly equal amounts of time with their child, how does family law determine who pays? 

Research has demonstrated that -- barring extenuating or unique circumstances -- children tend to do better in joint custody arrangements. This switches up decades of precedents. Even just a few years ago one parent -- typically the mother -- automatically took on the role of primary custodian, and the other was relegated to one or two weekends a month and paying child support. 

Will errors derail your estate plan?

As New Jersey readers know, estate planning is an important step for people of all income levels. No matter the assets you have or how much money you make, it is smart to take steps to make sure your future is not left to chance. You can do this by drafting a strong and thoughtful estate plan, starting with a will.

The benefits of estate planning are significant. However, even the best of intentions may not be enough when there are problems with the documents you have drafted. It is important to ensure that there are no issues with your estate plan and that errors will not derail your planning efforts at some point in the future. 

Workers' compensation may be the key to your recovery

There are few things in life more terrifying than suffering an on-the-job injury in New Jersey. You may be left wondering if your medical bills will be covered or how you will survive without a steady paycheck. These are all valid questions for which workers' compensation has answers. 

Workers' compensation probably covers more than you expect. In addition to standard doctor visits, workers' comp may also pay for hospital bills, your medications and even necessary medical equipment. Knowing that these costs are covered makes it easier for victims like you to seek and receive the necessary medical treatment following an injury. 

Can I file a personal injury suit after a truck accident?

Tractor-trailers play an invaluable role in the transportation of goods across the country, and the average New Jersey driver is probably quite accustomed to seeing these large trucks on the interstate. However, no matter how common the sight of a 18-wheelers might be, it can still be unnerving driving near one, and rightfully so. Suffering a personal injury in a collision with one of these trucks can be life altering and, in some cases, even deadly. 

Driving while drowsy or fatigued is an unsafe practice that most motorists are discouraged from engaging in. But how carefully do commercial drivers heed this warning? Under federal regulations, truck drivers are already permitted to be on the road for up to 11 hours without stopping. Not only is this already a long period of time to spend behind the wheel, surveys reveal that a significant number of drivers disregard these regulations to drive for longer and longer stretches. 

Why is Fortnite showing up in family law court?

Addiction can be a serious problem for marriage. However, most people in New Jersey associate addiction with substances like drugs or alcohol, even though it can manifest through other avenues, such as shopping. A somewhat newer addiction appears to be putting more and more marriages at risk, with issues such as gaming addiction coming up more frequently in family law court. 

Fortnite is a worldwide phenomenon, with over 100 million players taking part in the online survival game. While most probably enjoy it casually and for fun, it has darker meaning for others. More and more couples are citing addiction to Fortnite and other types of online video games as the reason behind their divorce. 

You could face several hazards on the job

When you get up in the morning (or evening) to go to work, you may not think much about facing dangers on the job. You may dread going in because you do not enjoy your job as much as you wish, but beyond that, you do not feel any real anxiety about what you do.

While feeling comfortable at your job is certainly a perk, you may actually face more dangers than you realize. Many hazards exist at any job, and you could possibly end up injured or ill because of the work you do and exposure you face.

Estate planning when you have kids from a previous relationship

Getting married is usually a joyous occasion. Getting married for a second time can be just as exciting, although decidedly more complicated. Estate planning for New Jersey residents with children from past marriages or relationships is not always easy or straightforward, so parents who are getting ready to say "I do" for the second time around should take their time with the process. 

Ultimately, how a person wants their assets handled after their death is up to them. However, it is important to consider a variety of factors, particularly when there are complicating factors, such as a new spouse. Newlyweds or unmarried couples often consider leaving all of their estate to their surviving spouse. 

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