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Is filing a workers' compensation claim always necessary?

Were you injured at work? Are you wondering if it's necessary to file a workers' compensation claim? Each injury is unique, even if your injury seems minor; you should consider filing a workers' compensation claim.

Why file a claim for a minor injury?

There is a stigma attached to workers' compensation, a lot of people believe filing a claim is something that is reserved for major injuries but that is not the case.

An injury might feel minor in the moment and if you're lucky it will be. However, there are many situations where minor injuries manifest over time. Even the slightest of injuries can worsen long after the accident occurred; there is no way to tell how serious it might be without medical assistance.

No matter how minimal you think your injury might be, always seek medical attention. Under no circumstance should you self-diagnose, let a doctor be the judge, they will be able to run proper tests and make sure your injury is treated properly.

Filing a workers' comp claim can help with injury-related medical bills. There is no reason you should have to pay out of pocket or use personal insurance to cover medical treatment due to a work-related injury. Workers' compensation exists for these exact situations. If you choose not to file a claim for a small scale injury, you might face future medical bills or loss of wages with no aid in compensation. It will be much harder to prove after the fact that your injury is related to an accident that happened at work if nothing was ever documented.

Why should a workers' compensation claim be filed right away?

A workers' comp claim should be filed immediately after the injury is sustained. The sooner you file a claim, the better your chances will be for compensation. The events that lead to the injury will be fresh in your mind (along with the mind of any witnesses to the accident) and it will have been documented and reported right away.

The longer you wait to submit a claim the harder it becomes to prove the validity of your case. Most companies (no matter how well they treat their employees) are looking to pay out the least amount of money possible. Remember, it is their insurance agents who will be handling the claim not your superiors. The insurance agent may claim that you didn't report your injury on time because it occurred outside of work, there is no real injury (you're faking it) or you're seeking revenge against your employer, etc.

Do you have additional questions about workers' comp claims?

Along with reporting your injury, seeking medical attention and filing a claim immediately following the accident; an attorney should be your next call. Consult an attorney who focuses on workers' compensation claims, their experience in the business will be helpful for getting you through the claims process. A lawyer will always give you a better chance for fair compensation.

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