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August 2017 Archives

Should you put yourself first when estate planning?

As you work to create your estate plan, you may have your family in mind. You may review and inventory your assets, consider your loved ones' needs and desires, and determine who should receive which pieces of property. However, an estate plan can go far beyond simply deciding how to distribute your assets after death.

Distribution center injuries? Workers' compensation will help

New Jersey workers who earn their incomes from working in distribution centers face many safety hazards. Although they may find comfort in knowing that they will be entitled to workers' compensation benefits if they should suffer on-the-job injuries, that is something most workers would rather not wish to happen. Safety authorities say good housekeeping can help prevent workplace accidents.

A cycling accident doesn't have to flatten your financial tires

Whether as a preferred means of transportation or even as a hobby, many individuals choose to travel from place to place via bicycle. While cycling may have its benefits, such as avoiding traffic or providing a fun form of exercise, there may also be some level of risk involved, especially near traffic.

Family law: Is jewelry regarded as marital property?

When it comes to divorce laws, New Jersey is an equitable distribution state in which the marital property is divided fairly -- though not necessarily equally. Assets brought into the marriage by each spouse will typically remain his or her property. Family law also determines that any gifts or inheritances received during the marriage by one spouse from third parties will continue to be the receiver's property as long as it is not commingled with marital property. If for example, a portion of one spouse's inheritance is used to renovate the family home, it becomes marital property absent a written agreement to the contrary.

Personal injury claim follows consultant's construction site fall

Property owners in New Jersey and elsewhere are always responsible for the safety of people on their properties, even if it is a building site. A construction firm in another state that hired a consultant is now facing a personal injury lawsuit that was filed by that same consultant. The plaintiff and his wife accuse the defendant of failing to maintain a safe work site.

Estate planning: The importance of living wills

It is often reported that a significant percentage of adults nationwide, including in New Jersey, neglect to draft wills -- often putting it off for later. It might be natural to expect death to come in old age because many fail to give thought to the fact that death or incapacitation can occur at any age. What will happen to the young children of a divorced mother who suffers catastrophic injuries in an accident when she is in her early 30s? If she has attended to estate planning and chosen to make a living will, the care of the children may already be planned.

Estate planning at a younger age could be less complicated

Conversations about wills and trusts tend to force people to accept their mortality, which is something many New Jersey residents might prefer to avoid. However, estate planning is necessary for all -- regardless of age, financial situations and family ties. It is a way to ensure the distribution of assets in a manner that will take care of surviving loved ones. While it is often believed that estate planning must be done closer to retirement age, the best time to get started with it is upon receiving that first salary check, or at least around the age of 30 years.

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