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Marital descriptions that may hint toward future divorce

Are you one of many in New Jersey who tend to seek scientific verification of any type of hypothesis or conjecture before you will believe it? Let's take marriage, for instance; if you were to learn that there is a new, scientific study that reveals how to divorce-proof your marriage, would you stop what you were doing to access the nearest copy? Scientific proof is useful concerning research and debate; however, even the most thorough study can't full-proof a marriage.

Your marital relationship is not exactly the same as any other couple's. Sure, there may be similarities in spousal personalities or shared experiences that may help you relate to another person's situation. All in all, every marital union is unique and, therefore, so is every divorce. Some who work in industries related to marriage counseling, divorce and life-coaching believe there are certain characteristics that may mean you're headed for divorce. It happens. The trick is to get through it with the least amount of stress possible.

Knowing the signs ahead of time may help you avoid major trouble

You may not always be able to tell a mere bad day from a serious red flag that divorce may be looming in your future. The following information includes marital characteristics that may mean your relationship is prone to divorce and also where to seek support if a problem arises:

  • Did your parents divorce? If so, your own marriage may be at greater risk than couples who come from homes where nuclear families remained intact.
  • If you and your spouse lived together before tying the knot, you may have viewed it as a test period that solidified your commitment goals. In reality, studies show those who cohabit before marriage are more likely to divorce.
  • Substance abuse problems can wreak havoc on professional and personal lives, especially marital relationships. If you or your spouse are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, professionals recommend that you seek support. You may also want to beware that such problems often lead to divorce.
  • Money trouble may be a key factor in many divorces. You've likely already faced more than one financial challenge in life since you got married; however, if things are getting out of hand and a serious financial crisis is negatively affecting your relationship with your spouse, a risk for divorce may exist.

Regardless of the particular reasons you file for divorce, doing so can make you feel lonely and isolated for a while. It helps to have a strong support system in place before you begin proceedings, such as close family members and a trusted friend or two. Many people also turn to outside support that may include a licensed counselor, minister or group where others going through the same process can encourage each other. When legal challenges arise, it helps to know where to turn for assistance as well.

Many New Jersey spouses find it easier to navigate the family justice system by relying on guidance from experienced family law attorneys.

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