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January 2018 Archives

Cancer and workers' compensation

At some point in their lives, many children across the nation, including New Jersey, will express a desire to be a firefighter. It isn't until several years later that they realize just how dangerous the job is. One state is considering a bill that will include certain cancer diagnoses in firefighters' workers' compensation claims. If it is passed, it could possibly pave the way for similar bills to be passed in other states. 

Husband and wife each suffer a fatal personal injury in crash

When traveling on roadways many drivers fail to consider the possibility of equipment failure. A tire blowout, for instance, can have catastrophic results not just for the occupants of that vehicle, but also for anyone else nearby. A New Jersey husband and wife each suffered a fatal personal injury in a crash caused by a blown tire.

Divorce: A thing that often happens once people hit 50

Did you get married in the early 1980s? If so, you perhaps own your home (or at least pay a mortgage loan on one), have one more children and have gone through several career changes by now. Like most things in life, your marriage has probably seen its ups and downs; in fact, if you're one of many in New Jersey who are considering filing or have recently filed for divorce, the downs may have over taken the ups. If so, you are definitely not alone.

Business owners and estate planning

When discussing the benefits of writing a will, most people will reference personal benefits like how finances or other assets will be divided upon their death. However, business owners across New Jersey may be interested to know how estate planning can benefit their businesses. Creating an estate plan can help business owners outline how they wish their businesses to be handled in the event of their death or incapacitation. 

Briana Renee files family law suit against husband

New Jersey residents know that the lives of celebrities are often exaggerated to extremes. However, there are times where such exaggerations are not necessary. Briana Renee of Little Women: LA has recently filed a family law suit against her husband, Matt Grundhoffer. In this suit, she is seeking not only a divorce but also spousal and child support. 

Deployed soldier's family law case takes to social media

There are military families in every state, including New Jersey, that are familiar with the struggles associated with raising children while one parent is deployed overseas. These families don't always get to spend every holiday and birthday together, but many try to make the time they do have together count. Unfortunately, there are a number of soldiers who have run into family law problems while they are deployed. Some have had their spouses file for divorce, and others have lost custody of their children. One soldier and his wife have taken their child custody case to social media hoping to find help.

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