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Are you sure you want to keep the family home after divorce?

Your home is a place where you typically feel you are most comfortable. You see your children growing up there, and you see yourself spending time with other loved ones and creating a safe haven. Unfortunately, after some time, your safe haven may begin to feel like more of a prison if you and your spouse no longer get along.

When the time comes to divorce, one of your main concerns when it comes to property division may relate to whether you should fight for the house. Though it may have become less of a comfortable place in recent years, you may still feel a sentimental attachment because of the good memories created there. However, it may prove worthwhile to determine whether keeping the home is in your best interests.

Feelings associated with the home

Generally, the emotions attached to a home can play a major role in feeling as if you should keep it. During divorce, the following three feelings may make you believe that staying in the home is what you want:

  • Disappointment: As mentioned, your home may hold a lifetime of memories, and the idea of leaving those memories behind may feel immensely disappointing. Additionally, if you took the time to decorate, remodel and refine your house until it felt perfect, it may seem as if all your hard work was for nothing if you leave it behind.
  • Anxiety: You may experience anxiety at a variety of times during the divorce process because so much uncertainty about the future exists. In relation to your home, you may feel anxious about potentially having to find a new place to live, deciding what to do with your assets and the myriad of other tasks that can come with moving.
  • Guilt: On the other hand, you may feel somewhat ready to shed yourself of the home you shared with your soon-to-be ex, but you may feel like you need to keep it for the sake of the kids. They also created memories in the home and formed friendships in the area, and you may feel like choosing to leave the home will unnecessarily disrupt their lives.

While your feelings during divorce are valid, you may want to refrain from letting them drive your decision making. Sometimes feeling emotionally satisfied can lead to detriment in other areas of your life. Keeping a home on a single income could lead to financial difficulty, and fully assessing the potential monetary implications may prove useful as you make your decision. In order to find the best path for you when it comes to property division, you may want to find out more information on your legal options.

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