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What do you need to return to work after a work accident?

After a work accident, a New Jersey worker may feel overwhelmed by his or her physical and financial needs. The intent of workers' compensation insurance is to meet the needs of injured workers and provide the financial support they need for recovery.

If you are an injured worker, part of the benefits to which you may have a rightful claim include rehabilitation benefits. This means you can get specific help needed to help you reenter the workforce after an extended time away. It is beneficial for you to be aware of all of your rights, including the right to claim what you need through your workers' compensation claim to get better and move forward.

What are rehabilitation benefits?

Various types of rehabilitation benefits exist that you could receive as you try to get back to work after a serious injury. Every case is different, and you may find it useful to seek guidance as you seek the specific things you need for your recovery. Examples of rehabilitation benefits you could receive include the following:

  • Help with resume preparation and job search
  • Assistance with interview training and skills analysis
  • Training for specific types of jobs
  • Training to help you do jobs with disability accommodations
  • Education for a new job and assistance with tuition

What you will need to get better depends on your individual needs, the nature of your injuries and what type of job you can do after your recovery time. Even with valid needs, workers' compensation insurance providers are not always willing to pay you the maximum amount you need through your claim. 

Injured workers may need legal guidance as they navigate the claims process, as well as ensuring they maximize their claims and get exactly what they need and deserve. You may feel overwhelmed by the way your work accident affected your life and your ability to work, but you do not have to face the aftermath alone.

Your journey to get better and move forward

A work accident can impact your life in many ways. In some serious cases, a worker may not be able to return to the same job he or she had before the accident. If you need help with your recovery and reentering the workforce, you would be wise to seek help as you fight for these specific benefits. You are entitled to support and help as you work to move forward and get better.

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