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Family law sees more prenuptial agreements among millennials

Marriage is slowly changing as the years progress. One major difference that many New Jersey residents may have noticed is that couples are getting married later in life. A few years ago, couples were getting married in their early 20s, or even their late teens in some cases, but now, couples, especially millennials, are getting married in their 30s. As a result of these later marriages, many family law attorneys are seeing more prenuptial agreements.

Many states divide assets as fairly as possible after a divorce, but there are some states that simply divide the assets down the middle and award equal amounts to both former spouses. Couples who wish to protect any assets that they may have had before the marriage could benefit from signing a prenuptial agreement. This might include previously owned properties, businesses or even financial accounts. A prenuptial agreement may also be used to protect any children that one of the spouses might have had in a previous marriage or relationship. 

Couples who are wishing to create a prenuptial agreement may first want to discuss which assets to include in the agreement. In addition to coming to an agreement regarding the division of physical property and finances, a prenup might also cover topics such as pet custody. However, there are some issues that prenuptial agreements are not able to cover, such as the custody and support of current or future children. 

Marriage has changed greatly in the last several years. It has become more common for couples to marry when each person is older, more independent and more financially stable. New Jersey couples who believe that they could benefit from a prenuptial agreement may wish to consult with a family law attorney in their area. 

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