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Did the insurer deny your workers' compensation claim?

A work injury can occur in a variety of ways. Perhaps you didn't even realize you had hurt yourself until you woke up the next day -- or weeks later -- in pain. On the other hand, maybe you drove straight from work to an urgent care facility for stitches. In a worse scenario, emergency responders carried you from the workplace in an ambulance, or even a helicopter.

Personal injury: Elderly man, young girl injured in wreck

Surviving a head-on collision can be a traumatizing experience, particularly for the elderly. Recovery times might be longer, and some victims may never be able to realize a full recovery in wake of their injuries. Regardless of age, those who have been seriously harmed in a car wreck usually seek compensation through a personal injury suit.

Why you should be estate planning right now

The beginning of the new year is often an excellent time to review estate plans and perform any necessary updates. While estate planning maintenance can occur at any time of the year or after any number of significant life changes, many people in New Jersey find the flipping over of the calendar year to be an ideal opportunity. Not only do people often feel refreshed after the holidays, but the beginning of the year often prompts people to consider what is truly important to them.

The basics of mediation

Going through the court system might seem like the obvious option for couples who are ready to end their marriages, but there is another option to calling it quits. Rather than have a dragged-out legal fight, mediation might be a better choice for some New Jersey couples. Mediation is usually quicker, cheaper and easier than more traditional options.

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