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How does New Jersey family law handle alimony?

People in New Jersey often worry about their financial stability after a divorce, and understandably so. Whether individuals are cutting their household income in half or taking on part of the marital debt, most people simply want to be certain that they will not come out of an unhappy marriage and into an unhappy financial situation. Under state family law, some divorcees can expect to receive alimony -- commonly called spousal support -- which can help bridge any financial gaps.

Family law: What to do about support when you share joint custody

New Jersey parents who choose joint child custody arrangements usually do so because it is in their children's best interests. However, this raises serious questions about child support. When both parents spend roughly equal amounts of time with their child, how does family law determine who pays? 

Why is Fortnite showing up in family law court?

Addiction can be a serious problem for marriage. However, most people in New Jersey associate addiction with substances like drugs or alcohol, even though it can manifest through other avenues, such as shopping. A somewhat newer addiction appears to be putting more and more marriages at risk, with issues such as gaming addiction coming up more frequently in family law court. 

Do you understand the family law divorce process?

Chances are that most people do not give the divorce process much thought until they realize that their marriage is over. Trying to figure out the process while going through an incredibly emotional period may be overwhelming. By better understanding the family law process in New Jersey, couples can usually reach an agreeable divorce settlement. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continuous family law issues

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were once a match made in heaven, according to many fans in New Jersey as well as other states across the country. However, the Hollywood power couple has been caught in a heated family law dispute for several years with no end in sight. The most recent disagreement involves the pair's six children. 

Family law sees more prenuptial agreements among millennials

Marriage is slowly changing as the years progress. One major difference that many New Jersey residents may have noticed is that couples are getting married later in life. A few years ago, couples were getting married in their early 20s, or even their late teens in some cases, but now, couples, especially millennials, are getting married in their 30s. As a result of these later marriages, many family law attorneys are seeing more prenuptial agreements.

Family law concerns re breastfeeding and child custody

Parents going through a divorce are often worried about how the divorce will affect their children, especially when the children are very young. New Jersey mothers who are still breastfeeding may be concerned about how custody of the children will be handled. In many family law cases, things like this may be taken into consideration when determining custody. 

Family adopts twins to help dying mother

Families adopt children for many different reasons. A family in New Jersey might choose to adopt because they are unable to have their own children, while another family across the nation might adopt simply because they want to expand their family. No matter the reason, a family law attorney can help families to greet their newest additions as quickly as possible. One family chose to adopt after losing one of their own children to illness as well as to help a dying mother pregnant with twins.

When family law becomes hostile

Movies have a way of sensationalizing any event, both good and bad. Some New Jersey residents may have seen a movie where divorcing individuals struggle to find "dirt" on one another in order to gain the upper hand. However, it can cause a wide variety of problems people choose to use these methods in real family law cases. In one case a federal lawsuit was filed against local police after they helped a husband find information on his wife during their divorce. 

How family law can affect debt

As many New Jersey residents may already know, making the decision to end a marriage can be very difficult. Family law can be a great source of stress, and it can also be emotionally draining for all of the people involved. Even though separating couples may have a general idea of how the divorce is supposed to proceed, some of them are still taken by surprise when they begin dividing the debts as well as the assets. 

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