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Mediation can resolve child custody and parenting time issues

One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce is child custody and parenting time. While most New Jersey parents likely want what is best for their children, the prospect of one's relationship with a child being compromised may be too much to bear. However, making a battle out of it can prolong the process in which there will be no winners. The most appropriate manner in which to deal with this issue might be mediation.

Mediation is not only cheaper than litigation but also quicker

New Jersey residents who are involved in disputes of a non-criminal nature may be happy to learn that there are options other than civil court to resolve issues. Mediation has proved to be a valuable alternative for resolving disputes between divorcing spouses. In fact, it is a platform for reaching mutually agreeable resolution for any number of contentious issues. Mediation involves a neutral and impartial third party who is qualified to facilitate negotiations between disputing parties by encouraging communication and compromise.

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