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Personal injury claims possible after 3-car crash

New Jersey officers recently responded to an accident involving three vehicles. As most people are aware, multiple car accidents can often lead to serious personal injury or death. Fortunately, none were killed in this accident. However, authorities are asking any witnesses to the crash to contact them to aid in the ongoing investigation. 

Woman suffers fatal personal injury after being struck by a car

Most people do not consider the possibility of being involved in a car accident when they are pulling out of their driveway. However, a serious accident can happen anywhere. Residential areas, in particular, provide a wealth of obstacles not typically seen on busy roadways, like pedestrians or animals. In fact, New Jersey authorities recently responded to an accident in a residential area where one woman suffered a fatal personal injury.

Husband suffers fatal personal injury in carjacking

For many, a carjacking is just a distant idea, a plot device in a movie or something that happens to others. However, for some New Jersey mall patrons, it was a very real and terrifying possibility. One woman has chosen to file a lawsuit against the mall itself, claiming that the administration could have prevented the fatal personal injury that her husband suffered. 

Husband and wife each suffer a fatal personal injury in crash

When traveling on roadways many drivers fail to consider the possibility of equipment failure. A tire blowout, for instance, can have catastrophic results not just for the occupants of that vehicle, but also for anyone else nearby. A New Jersey husband and wife each suffered a fatal personal injury in a crash caused by a blown tire.

Crash causes 2 fatalities and 6 to suffer from personal injury

New Jersey residents may have heard about the recent fiery crash on Route 440. The accident was not caused by a single, large crash but a series of small accidents that compounded upon one another. These crashes ultimately resulted in the personal injury of multiple individuals, as well as more than one death. 

1 suffers severe personal injury after car accident

Families across the nation are considering what their travel arrangements will be during the upcoming holiday. There are relatives to visit, shopping to do and places to visit. However, accidents are not limited to the holiday season. There was at least one severe personal injury suffered in a recent New Jersey car accident.

Personal injury claims may follow 2-car crash in New Jersey

New Jersey motorists who were traveling in the vicinity of Sparta Township on a recent Tuesday morning might have experienced delays. This followed a two-vehicle crash with personal injury that occurred in the early morning and caused road closures for over three hours. The Sparta police report indicates that the collision happened at approximately 7 a.m.

Personal injury becomes wrongful death when crash victim dies

Understanding a hit-and-run driver's actions will always be a challenge. This applies particularly if there is personal injury or death involved. These incidents typically leave the loved ones of victims with many unanswered questions. One particularly tragic hit-and-run accident recently led to the deaths of two teenagers in New Jersey.

Personal injury claim may follow intersection collision

Car accidents can happen to anybody, at any time. Unfortunately, drivers on New Jersey roads will always be vulnerable, even if they obey all the rules of the road. The reality is that there will always be another driver who violates rules that are meant to prevent crashes that result in personal injury or death.

Personal injury: Alleged drunk driver causes fatal rollover crash

A fatal accident investigations unit recently responded to a scene of a wreck that killed two New Jersey women. Authorities say this was a single-vehicle accident that was allegedly caused by the negligence of a drunk driver. The driver is now facing criminal charges, and she may also have to face civil lawsuits of personal injury and wrongful death.

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