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Workers' compensation: Amazon workers exposed to bear repellent

New Jersey hikers might expect a slight possibility of being accidentally sprayed with bear repellent while in the woods, but few people expect this situation to occur at work. A group of warehouse workers were unfortunately injured in that exact situation. Depending on their injuries, they might be eligible for workers' compensation.

What Type of Injuries Qualify for Workers' Compensation?

Severe catastrophic injuries at work are not the only claims to be made in Worker's Compensation.  Many employees suffer smaller injuries that put them out of work, require medical treatment, and result in a permanent impairment of a body part. In these cases, workers' compensation is also there to help.

Workers' compensation may be the key to your recovery

There are few things in life more terrifying than suffering an on-the-job injury in New Jersey. You may be left wondering if your medical bills will be covered or how you will survive without a steady paycheck. These are all valid questions for which workers' compensation has answers. 

Marijuana complicates workers' compensation case

Marijuana use, as many residents of New Jersey are already aware, is a contested topic in many states. Some states have approved marijuana for recreational use, and others have only approved it for medical purposes. There are even some states that still have yet to approve the use of marijuana for any reason. Unfortunately, one widow is currently battling with insurance companies over her late husband's workers' compensation payments because of this substance.

How an attorney can help with a workers' compensation claim

Work-related injuries can cause many problems for employees and their families in New Jersey. Victims of these injuries may find themselves in a situation where it is necessary for them to enlist the aid of an attorney and file a workers' compensation claim. After an injury at work, it can sometimes take a long time to receive any reimbursements for medical expenses or lost wages, if they are received at all. 

Widow fights for late husband's workers' compensation benefits

It is likely that New Jersey residents know of at least one person who has been injured in some way while working. More often than not, these injuries are the result of years of repeated actions, but sometimes, workers are injured or even killed as the result of a traumatic incident. Those who were injured while working are often able to collect on their workers' compensation claims with minimal trouble, but sometimes, victims and their families have more trouble collecting these benefits. 

Workers' compensation: Tinnitus can be debilitating

Many workers in New Jersey are unaware of the damage their work environments cause to their hearing. Tinnitus is just one of the consequences of occupational noise exposure. Unfortunately, most victims of this condition only learn about it when the damage has already been done. Although severe tinnitus can be debilitating, proving it to be work-related for a workers' compensation claim can be challenging.

Cancer and workers' compensation

At some point in their lives, many children across the nation, including New Jersey, will express a desire to be a firefighter. It isn't until several years later that they realize just how dangerous the job is. One state is considering a bill that will include certain cancer diagnoses in firefighters' workers' compensation claims. If it is passed, it could possibly pave the way for similar bills to be passed in other states. 

Former officer struggles to receive workers' compensation

Sustaining injuries at work is not an uncommon occurrence. Many residents of New Jersey, as well as other states, are receiving workers' compensation benefits as a result of these injuries. Sometimes these injuries occur slowly over several years, like carpal tunnel, but others can occur within seconds. The latter may be more likely to happen to a person with a high-risk job, like a police officer.

Workers' compensation: Brain injuries possible in any occupation

Every member of the New Jersey workforce could be a potential victim of traumatic brain injury. Whether a person works on an oil rig, in an office or on a construction site, a fall could cause head trauma, which may result in TBI. Workplace accidents that frequently lead to workers' compensation claims for brain injuries include machinery and equipment accidents, truck or other vehicle accidents, toxic substance exposure, slip-and-fall accidents, and being struck by falling objects.

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